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We are committed to providing robust learning experiences for our students of MMSD during this time of school closure. Our instructional leaders are working to provide a virtual learning experience for our students that incorporates family engagement, limited screen time, and student overall health and emotional wellness.

We recognize the impact that these unusual circumstances are having on all of us. We encourage our students and families to continue to find and create moments of familiarity and maintain other routines as much as possible, including communicating with friends, and staying active.

Resources for Families

Resources for Students

Sample Daily Routine

Our suggested daily schedules can help your child engage in online learning and fill out the day. We know families are managing a lot, use these schedules with flexibility. Please remember the maximum hours for virtual learning (online and offline learning) are below.

  • Grade K4: 1.0-1.5 hours daily 
  • Grades K-2: 1.5-2.0 hours daily
  • Grades 3-5: 2.0-2.5 hours daily
  • Grades 6-8: 3.0 hours daily
  • Grades 9-12: 3.0 hours daily

Virtual Learning - A student's day.  Morning: Good morning - Get up & get dressed! Enjoy breakfast.  Plan your time - Organize your space, check email & Classroom announcements. Work on assignments. Break - Eat a snack, stretch, listen to music, chat with a friend, etc. Academics - Work on assignments.  Enjoy lunch!  Afternoon: Get moving! - Take a walk, dance around, run, or do an online workout. Communicate - Check your email, send Q’s to your teacher. Academics - Work on assignments.  Go outside - Get some fresh air & be safe. Evening: Family & Friends - Connect with other humans! Enjoy your dinner. Play games!  Recharge! - Take care of yourself, & get a great night’s sleep!

Click here to see sample daily routines by grade level

Enrichment Activities

enrichment activities

Looking for something to build out your child’s schedule? Try these family activities!

What Will Students Learn?

Four Year Old Kindergarten (4K)

Daily learning plans and other resources for 4K / Early Childhood students and families will be available on the 4K and Early Childhood virtual learning webpage.

Kindergarten - Grade 12

Google Classroom logoTeachers will work with families to provide instructional support and direct lessons via Google Classroom. To view lessons and assignments, please see your Google Classroom. If you have questions about specific lessons, contact your teacher. 

Expectations for Students, Staff, and Families

We know that virtual learning presents a steep learning curve for staff, students, and families. We must have grace with ourselves and others. Below are initial expectations to prepare ourselves for virtual learning.

Students will...

  • Be open to this new experience of virtual learning.
  • Access their Google Classroom each day to view classwork and assignments.
  • Select assignments and enrichment activities that fit within their schedule.
  • Participate in the virtual learning opportunities as set forth by their teacher.
  • Make contact with their teacher(s) for support or concerns.
  • Submit assignments and classwork per the directions of their teacher.

Teachers will…

  • Be open to this new experience of teaching and learning.
  • Establish a routine and maintain clear communications.
  • Communicate their working hours and office hours to families and students.
  • Check in with their students on how they are doing academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • Send out assignments via email or Google Classroom. This outreach can be done on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Be available for questions/support/teaching during working and office hours.
  • Provide regular feedback to students through email or Google classroom.
  • Take attendance on Wednesday and Friday for the first week, and then every Friday thereafter.
  • Continue to work with other teachers to support the learning of students and maximize the flexibility across teacher teams.
  • Return all emails received after 3:30 PM the next business day.

Families will…

  • Communicate with their child's teacher if they have questions about virtual learning.
  • Do their best to establish a place for learning at home that minimizes distractions.
  • Set realistic goals for themselves and their child(ren).
  • Work to establish a routine for learning at home while also being flexible when needed.
  • Remind their child to check in with their teacher if they have concerns or need support.
  • Communicate with their child’s teacher if they have questions or if their child is sick or can’t participate in virtual learning.
  • Encourage their child to take frequent breaks and engage in non-school related activities.

Staff-only resources

The MMSD Virtual Learning Overview: An Instructional Continuity Plan in the event of Emergency School Closures is designed to support teachers and administrators to provide continual support for our students as we move to virtual learning.

In addition, all resources including Scopes and Standards are provided on the Virtual Learning Staff only page.

Here is the link to the Professional Learning overview.